Sherilynn Macale


"Please. Step into my office." - 6 Year Old Me

Illustrator in San Francisco, California.

Shipping Info 
Orders are mailed out from San Francisco, California.
Depending on how busy, it may take 1-2 weeks to ship out.  

  • USA 6 - 15 business days after shipping notice
  • Canada 7-30 business days after shipping notice
  • International 2-5 business weeks after shipping notice (No tracking)
Please note this is an approximation, and shipping speed can vary depending on local post office/customs as well.

Shipping costs can vary depending on number of items, and a precise number can be obtained from putting items into the cart. 

All items are final sale. 

If you provide the wrong shipping address during checkout, your order can still be reshipped if you repay the shipping fee.

For any other shop inquiries, Please feel free to email! 

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More About Me

I have always been an artist. When my family discovered I enjoyed drawing & painting, I began receiving crappy children's art sets from each relative for every birthday and Christmas of my life until the age of 17 (thanks, guys). As I grew older, the poor quality art-themed gifts have stopped (replaced with homely and ill-fitting sweaters), but my love for art and illustration remains.

Welcome to my Etsy shop, a guilty pleasure repository for every piece of art I compulsively create. Here, you'll find whimsical art, sexy illustrations, colorful paintings, and a generally exciting assortment of artsy gifts and prints. Thank you so much for supporting me, and for helping me pursue my passion for art.

PS. I take my inspiration from Sailor Moon (mad love for my first crush, Tuxedo Mask), Sanrio, every manga I've ever read, every artist I used to obsessively follow on DeviantArt (back when DeviantArt was still super cool), and my favorite artist of all time: James Jean. You'll find several of these hyper-colored surreal and kawaii influences in my work. :)